Denise Long looks forward to connecting, hearing about your journey and questions you may have. She can be reached via email at ArtofHeartAwakening at gmail dot com . You can find her on LinkedIn and Googleplus.

Denise provides readings using the AHA deck via email or phone. One question email readings cost $30. Phone calls, 50 minutes in length, cost $50. Please initiate phone guidance with a request via email.

Thank you so much for including the Art of Heart Awakening as one of your tools for awakening. Warmly, Denise Long

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Stanwood, WA, 98292
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Denise Long is an artist, writer and mystic living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Sam. This site explores life experiences that appear to teach you about your true nature. Learn about her Art of Heart Awakening deck and the companion book which outlines her Course in Conscious Living.

About the Art Of Heart Awakening

The Art of Heart Awakening Course for Conscious Living guides you in contemplating what’s at the heart of the Divine, and your human experiences.

Life’s archetypes revealed themselves to me during years of exploring my inner landscapes.  I saw the interplay between archetypal characters, and predictable results for recurring actions.  Viewing my life from this witness, as a neutral observer, meant I could take responsibility for my life. Developing compassion for myself, and the other “characters” in my life, allowed me to forgive myself, and others, and awaken my true heart.

I’ve chosen these experiences because they are common (thus archetypal) to all humanity. The exercises in the book explain the teaching further, and provide exercises to explore the appearance of the archetype in your life. Through this contemplation practice, a form of self-inquiry, you can come to understand your own nature. When you see more clearly, you can choose how to operate in the world. Embrace these life lessons, and you'll experience freedom.