Denise Long looks forward to connecting, hearing about your journey and questions you may have. She can be reached via email at ArtofHeartAwakening at gmail dot com . You can find her on LinkedIn and Googleplus.

Denise provides readings using the AHA deck via email or phone. One question email readings cost $30. Phone calls, 50 minutes in length, cost $50. Please initiate phone guidance with a request via email.

Thank you so much for including the Art of Heart Awakening as one of your tools for awakening. Warmly, Denise Long

28122 82nd Drive Northwest
Stanwood, WA, 98292
United States

Denise Long is an artist, writer and mystic living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Sam. This site explores life experiences that appear to teach you about your true nature. Learn about her Art of Heart Awakening deck and the companion book which outlines her Course in Conscious Living.



 I first came across Denise Longs beautiful Angel cards when we drew them at my spiritual group. I loved them immediately, the vibrant jewel tones, the variety, and the accessibility of the art. Denise's ability to put the meaning of each card into precise, emotionally available words is the soul of the deck. Drawing her angel cards has warmed, instructed, and charmed me. Of course, one draws the card one needs! Denise, as her cards illustrate, is a spiritual adept and master teacher. I expect to use her wonderful cards to illuminate my own spiritual path.” T.A.V., nurse, Vancouver, WA

“Denise's cards are the most thought-provoking I have ever seen.  They provide insights I often have never considered, and lead to significant personal growth over and over.  In addition, her commentaries regularly bring into the light subjects I have avoided for a very long time.  Though I can't continue to hide from these subjects when I am confronted so clearly, and kindly, by her gentle words.” C.S., Counselor MA, MFT, Camas, WA

“I am so inspired when I use my Art of Heart Awakening Angel Deck.  The messages are so thoughtful, insightful and encouraging as they really help me to think about my life and help keep me going in the face of my life challenges.  I love the beautiful angel paintings. They are like having a caring angel look back at me while I read the message. The angels seem to fly off the card to support me!” C.M., artist, Camas, WA

 “The reflective exercises in the companion manual were unique, interesting and doable.  Most tarot decks simply explain the meaning of the card.  This deck allows you to extend that meaning into your life by helping you apply the information in a personal way. I will use this deck much more often than my traditional tarot.”  K.S., Adjunct Professor, Portland, OR

Anyone, no matter their age, who is interested in learning more about their own spirituality, or who likes to challenge their perspective will love these cards. They help you delve deeper into your own spirituality in a way that is self-explorative and is unique compared to other cards or systems.  You can use the lesson on each individual card in different ways. Whether you want to apply it to something stressful going on in your life or something deeper and more personal. They can help you in so many facets in your life.” RB, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Vancouver, WA

“This deck provide the reader loving, caring, guidance.  Readers will feel instantly calm and safe with the beautiful Angel archetype cards.”  Spiritual Direction Student

 “Denise's Angel cards are a guide to the subconscious and inspiration for the soul. They provide you with thoughtful Angels, daily reflections and meditations that mirror your own heart and mind that day.” B.N., Portland, OR

“Her card deck messages are more profoundly deep and illuminating than any other deck I have used. Her words promote deep thought and contemplation. I highly recommend them.” J.L., Vancouver, WA

“Denise in her wisdom and caring has opened up confidence in my creativity!” M.W. Chandler, AZ

“These cards carry heartwarming messages that soothe the soul and enliven the spirit. Each message carries a sentiment that guides me through life with insight and a deeper knowing.” BP, Camas, WA

“These cards are very good for beginners on the path.” K.P. Camas, WA

“What makes the AHA deck unique are the deep, thoughtful messages, that help the reader contemplate the archetype and its life lesson. This deck is easily distinguished from comparable titles because of the deep, caring, insightful messages. Also, the unique angel art allows interpretation by the individual reader.” Anonymous

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