Denise Long looks forward to connecting, hearing about your journey and questions you may have. She can be reached via email at ArtofHeartAwakening at gmail dot com . You can find her on LinkedIn and Googleplus.

Denise provides readings using the AHA deck via email or phone. One question email readings cost $30. Phone calls, 50 minutes in length, cost $50. Please initiate phone guidance with a request via email.

Thank you so much for including the Art of Heart Awakening as one of your tools for awakening. Warmly, Denise Long

28122 82nd Drive Northwest
Stanwood, WA, 98292
United States

Denise Long is an artist, writer and mystic living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Sam. This site explores life experiences that appear to teach you about your true nature. Learn about her Art of Heart Awakening deck and the companion book which outlines her Course in Conscious Living.


About Denise Long

An artist, teacher and mystic, Denise Long lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband, Sam. Raised in Nebraska, rural life sparked Denise’s deep connection with nature, and nurtured her relationship with Spirit. Denise taught special education, and was awarded Oregon ARC Teacher of the Year in 1986.

Denise’s spiritual journey was inspired by childhood joys, and the challenges of limited financial resources, and her father’s mental illness. She studied with the many spiritual teachers who traveled to the Pacific Northwest, and discovered her lifelong sensitivity to people and environments was actually a gift. This gift, clairsentience, allowed her to engage with, and learn from, the subtle energies around her.

Fifteen years ago, in the midst of a health crisis, Denise was guided to illustrate, and record, the spiritual life lessons that comprise this deck. Denise has published articles in the local Natural Awakenings magazine, and developed resource materials for use in spiritual growth groups in the area.

Denise has benefited from many processing techniques such as Healing from the Body Level Up, Focusing, Polarity Processing (a cornerstone of the Marriage of Spirit teaching of Leslie Temple-Thurston), and more.